809-549-1861 or 809-273-0244 reservaciones@faithrentcar.com

¿Does the credit card have to be the owner of the reservation?

Yes, you can only present another credit card if the cardholder is present to sign the contract.


¿Is the credit card essential?

If it is essential since with it the guarantee deposit will be taken.


¿What type of credit card are accepted?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express issued by bank, physical and embossed,

 Debit, rechargeable, virtual or flat cards are not accepted.


¿Is the vehicle that is delivered exactly the one chosen?

What you choose is a category, it will always be delivered to you based on the chosen category.


¿What does the rental cost include?

Includes contracted rental days, unlimited mileage, nationwide transit

24/7 assistance, civil liability, accident insurance, total loss and partial loss

with deductible.


¿What is not included in the rental cost?

Does not include car wash, fuel, tolls, parking, place delivery cost

different from the agency including airports, transit fine, insurance deductible

expense of repairs, loss of documents, overtime, additional days or any

another cost different from the days Contrasted initially.

¿How do I receive the fuel tank?

The vehicle is delivered with a full tank, it is received full.